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Metal Slug 3 PC Game Full Version Download Free

Metal Slug 3 PC Game Full Version Download Free

Metal Slug 3 PC Game Full Version Download Free is all about shooting stuff before it shoots you – a game that’s true to its retro roots – but strangely enough, it doesn’t show it’s age in its gameplay. Despite it being a straight up port of a four-year-old game, Metal Slug 3 still a complete blast to play, and stranger still, it’s hard to explain just how that’s possible. There are a million side-scrolling shooters out there, but Metal Slug 3 is undoubtedly heads above them all.

Metal Slug 3 Full Version Game Download

It never deviates from the standard side-scrolling shooter formula of throwing a million enemies on the screen so that the player can somehow find a way to compensate with quick reflexes and sharp timing, but it still feels strangely unique. There’s also this undeniable feeling of satisfaction that overcomes you when you wade through a hail of bullets to obliterate enemies, and that in itself just might be what Metal Slug 3 is all about: providing brief flashes of old school gaming nirvana that’s hard to find anywhere else nowadays.

Metal Slug 3 High Compressed Download Free

In an age where it takes millions of intricately woven polygons filled with bump mapping to wow the masses, Metal Slug 3 is somewhat of an anomaly. It’s easy to dismiss Metal Slug 3 simply because it’s 2D, but it really does look great even if it’s not technically advanced. There haven’t been any improvements from the arcade version, but it’s a near flawless port ‘ in fact, the framerate hitches that often occurred in the arcade can’t be found in the Xbox version.

Yes, the 2D sprites are in a low resolution, but that’s made up with the incredible attention to detail. Subtle and not so subtle jokes abound everywhere and make it worth running through each level a few times.

Metal Slug 3 Full Version For PC Download Free

Metal Slug 3 System Requirements:

CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
OS: Windows Vista
VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics or NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300

Click To Download : TheFileLocker

Game File Size : 57 MB

Password :

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