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Need for Speed II SE PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed II SE PC Game Free Download

Need for Speed II SE PC Game Download Free
Need for Speed II SE PC Game Free Download

Game Overview

Need for Speed II SE PC Game Download Free. In Need For Speed II the player takes control of eight Super Cars and races his or her way. Through six different tracks from Australia to Nepal. Much like the first in the series, the sequel has plenty of high performance cars. To choose from, including the each handling differently. Once the player has beaten the six tracks, a new track is make available. Also, there are no cops to chase the player.

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Well this was the first released in Need For Speed Game series. It is old game and will remind you child hood memories. That’s why I thought I should upload so that you guyz can download Need For Speed 2. Today even this game is being played in huge communities.NFS 2 was once a most played racing game. Electronic Arts one of the initial success was due to this game. This is still very addicting game. The cars like Mclaren F1 was one of most favourite in all sports car. 

The multiplayer mood in this game was highly enjoyed. People often used to bet each other on Need For Speed 2 racing. I used to do this as well. Graphics and sounds in game are little old but still I love to play this amazing game. There are three camera views of a car. 

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You can switch it to inside the car, near backside or slightly far outside of racing car. Gaming controls and music is very good. Secondly the gameplay is very engaging. There are three game modes: single race. Tournament in which the player must get the highest score in order to win.

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Car settings such as gear ratio, downforce, break bias and color can be customiz. The opponents’ skill can also be chosen, as well as the presence of civilian traffic in the tracks. The game offers four options of camera views: heli-cam, tail-cam, in-car and road cam. A replay mode with eight cinematic cameras is also available.

Game Features ::

Optimized Graphics
Enhanced Sound and Music
Latest Car Models
3 Camera Views during Race
Race Replay
Multiplayer Mode
Large Number of Cheat codes supported
FZR car and hollywood racing tracks are best

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System Requirements ::

OS: Windows XP/98/Vista
Processor: INTEL 2.0 GHz Dual Core
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 150 MB free

Click To Here Free : Download

Game Setup Size : 73.5  MB

Password :

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