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Freedom Fighter PC Game High Compressed Download Free

Freedom Fighter PC Game High Compressed Download Free

Freedom Fighter PC Game High Compressed Download Free the player navigates through the streets of New York while fighting the Soviet forces. The game also includes team-based elements, having a charisma meter. The player gains charisma by execution heroic deeds in the resistance movement against the invading forces, like capturing a base or destroying vital supplies. The more charisma gained, most team mates the character can recruit, including leaderless guerrillas and wounded Russian soldiers, up to a maximum of twelve.

Freedom Fighter Full Version PC Game Download Free

In an alternate present , the Soviet Union ended the Second World War dropping the first atomic bomb on Berlin , redefining history. As a result, the Soviet Union never dissolved. He used his new influence to expand the Iron Curtain throughout Europe and most of the Middle East . Then the Soviets sent “military advisers” to the entire Third World , succeeding in placing nuclear missiles medium-range in Cuba , which set the stage for the invasion of the United States. Plumbers and brothers Christopher and Troy Stone are working on Isabela apartment Angelina, the leader of the “red warning against” anti-Soviet group, when suddenly appear helicopters flying through the streets and firing at buildings. The apartment is full of Soviet soldiers. Troy is taken prisoner by the Soviets consideradolo boyfriend Isabela mistake, however, the soldiers fail to meet Chris.

Freedom Fighter High Compressed PC Game Download

This is quickly recruited by Mr. Jones, whom he rescues from the hands of a Soviet officer. Mr. Jones brings him together with a loquacious man named Phil Bagzton, to a hideout in the cavernous system sewerbeneath the city streets. Returning to the surface, New York has fallen to the Soviet invasion. Newscasters and other undesirables are sent to Alaska for “reeducation”. Tatiana Kempinsky, Soviet propaganda reporter, replaces the newscast with emissions from Soviet Armed Forces Network (SAFN) Soviet news channel. New York police stations, port facilities, schools and other government buildings are converted into bases records for Soviet forces.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
VIDEO CARD: 32MB Direct 3D With Hardware T&L capable Video Card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver (NVIDIA GeForce+ / ATI Radeon+)
DIRECTX VERSION: 8.1 (Included)

Click To Download : TheFileLocker

Game Setup Size : 555 MB

Password :

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